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Vulcano Island Ferries
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More About Vulcano Island

Vulcano is one of the Aeolian islands located across the North of Sicily. This place has a growing appeal among the travelers owing to the presence of hot springs and its lovely black sand beach.

Besides, this island offers lot of good opportunities for visitors to take baths in the natural mud baths and also experience the journey of climbing to reach the summit of the volcano.

As you land in this place through a ferry, you will be able to experience the breathtaking beauty of this island. This island mainly comprises of sulphurous gases coming out from the volcano and you can watch the bubbles coming out from the sea.

In short, you will enjoy the smell of the volcano gases, which is unique to this region.

Volcano (Stromboli) Island
Getting to Vulcano

Vulcano is a little island off the Northern Sicilian coast. In order to get there you have to take a ferry. If you are planning to come over to Vulcano, then you need to plan a bit in advance as it is not as easy to travel here like Rome or Venice. From Sicily, you will need to hire ferry services from Milazzo to reach Vulcano. Many people miss this great opportunity of visiting this island but it is definitely worth including this trip in your itinerary. The best way to explore this island is to stay put on larger islands of Sicily and travel to these places, which makes it very convenient as a day-tripper.

Ferries to and from Vulcano

SNAV has the latest and the fastest fleet in the Mediterranean composed mostly of hydrofoils and catamarans travelling to and from Vulcano. All of the SNAV catamarans and hydrofoils have cafeterias and snack bars on board. Click here to get tickets and book a SNAV ferry to Vulcano.

Attractions Around Vulcano

Fossi de Vulcano
One of the main attractions of Vulcano is to climb up to the summit of the main volcano of this island. As you reach on the top, you can catch a lovely glimpse of this island along with the nearby Aeolian Islands to get a panoramic view of the entire place. Besides, you can also see the majestic blue sea and also experience the smoke and the gas around the crater of the volcano that is truly a marvel to see. You can also view the inside of the crater of the volcano and see the fuming sulphur gases around the summit.

Black Sand Beach
The Black Sand Beach is one of the major attractions of this island apart from the Fossi de Vulcano. Le Spiaggia Sabbia Nera or the Black Sand Beach lies along Porto di Ponente, just across the opposite side along the mud bath. This spot is a lovely stretch of land comprising of volcanic sand and is a wonderful spot for relaxing. You can enjoy some swimming activities in the calm waters of the beach. Besides, it is nice to catch a glimpse of the dark black rocks arising from the sea pointing towards the sky.

Mud Baths
Visitors who come to this island never miss the opportunity to bathe in the Fanghi, which is nothing but a pool of muddy water containing sulphur water. It is just a couple of minutes walk away from the docks where most of the boats come on the island. Lot of people believe in the healing powers and soothing properties of this sand. You can enjoy the experience of the mud bath by soaking your face and the body in the mud and rinse it off after it forms a mask. There are hot springs nearby with warm and bubbly water to provide a nice experience.

Stay and Accommodation in Vulcano

You can find plenty of good choice of accommodation in Vulcano with different varieties of hotels and Bed& Breakfast inns, which are located in a convenient place. Besides, there are also luxury hotels catering to the needs of different travelers to offer the best kind of service and comfort of luxurious living. Vacation rentals are also available in Vulcano along with cottages. It is best to make bookings in advance, if you are planning to come here on a vacation to avail of the rooms as per your choice and preferences.

Eating out in Vulcano

You can find lot of cafes serving gelato and all kinds of hot drinks, which is quite popular among the local people and the tourists as a hangout spot. There are many restaurants that offer some nice Italian cuisine and also fresh seafood for the delight of their customers. You can taste some of the best cannoli served here along with ricotta and crispy biscuits. You can also find a trattoria here serving simple yet tasty food amidst a great ambience.

Most of the well-known restaurants here offer a wide variety of selection of dishes made using the best ingredients amidst pleasant settings. Besides, they cater to the preferences of local travelers and offer international cuisine and traditional fares along with Italian food such as pizzas and pastas as well. If you want to taste some Mediterranean cuisine, then you can find some restaurants that offer dishes made using local fish and other ingredients.

Some Tips for Travelers

If you can travel to Vulcano and reach there early in the morning, then can be the most convenient option as it helps in climbing up the volcano very easily. The summer sun can be scorching as it gets late and you may find it difficult to manage such climbing activities.

If you have reached the island and miss this chance of viewing the crater of the volcano, then you have surely lost a splendid chance, as it is a rare opportunity one gets in a lifetime. Hence, the best time to travel here would be around May or October, as it gets unbearably hot in other times especially during June, July and August.

Enjoy the unique experience of the mud baths found here on this island and they are best done after you finish climbing the volcano. If you are wearing bath suits, then it is important to choose the ones which you are less likely to wear again as there can be a strong sulphur smell.


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Best Vulcano Island Ferry Ticket Price Guarantee

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In the unlikely event you find the same all inclusive Vulcano Island ferry ticket cheaper in the brochure of any other tour operator we promise that we will do our best to beat that price or offer you the choice of requesting a refund. To book Vulcano Island car and passenger ferry tickets please click here.


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