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More About Umago

Umago is a picturesque Mediterranean town-port on the north-western Istrian shore. It is located in an attractive bay, which also contains one of the most prestigious ACI marinas with the Blue Flag.

Besides the marina, 10 more beaches have been awarded the Blue flag, an international symbol of sea clarity and beach adaptations. Some of the more beautiful and famous beaches in Umago are the Laguna Stella Maris beach, Katoro beach, Aurora beach and Kanegra beach. Umago has an exceptionally interesting past.

It was discovered by roman noblemen in ancient history who decided to transform it into their summer manor. The glow, luxury and glamour of those times is mirrored in the Venetian houses located in the old Umago core. Parts of town walls and forts have been preserved in the town, as well as baroque and renaissance churches and buildings.

Umago has several historical sites, such as St. Mary church (from the 15th century, adorned with frescoes), church of the Assumpion of the Virgin Mary and St. Pelegrio (built in 1507, after the apparition of the plague) as well as the old part of the town which is not as rich with historical buildings as it is attractive because of its position. The town is surrounded by the sea and has a picturesque town center.

Umago Ferry Port

Umago is ideal for your vacation because of its natural beauties, history, tradition, as well as the warm Mediterranean climate. Active vacation enthusiasts will find whatever they want in Umago , because it is a town of tourism and sports. You can enjoy tennis, football, little football, cycling, Nordic walking, walking, hunting, bowling, beach volleyball, basketball, diving, sailing, water sailing, water skiing, kite flying and numerous other activities.

Be sure to savor countless delicacies and specialties of this region such as the Istrian prosciutto, Istrian cheese , pork loin, fritters, krostule and the peak of Istrian gastronomy – truffles, as well as numerous fish specialties. You can savor all these dishes in restaurants and tavern such as “Dante”, “Maremoto”, “Cittar”, “Aurora”, “Misa” and “Pelegrin”.

Nearby Savudrija, a small fishing town located on a small peninsula, only 9km from Umago . Its trade mark is an old lighthouse, built in the name of love between an Austrian nobleman and a domestic girl. It is famous for numerous historic findings – ancient history, roman, medieval… all throughout the history until the beautiful Austrian villas. Savudrija has been inhabited since ancient history and has a natural phenomenon: stone surfaces on the shore which enter the sea at a mild angle. It is ideal for numerous sports such as cycling, trekking, jogging and surfing. The coast of Savudrija is overgrown with pine tree forest. It is attractive to the nudists because of the FKK beach located to the south of the very center of the place. Traditionally focused on fishing, Savudrija is famous for its pleasant restaurants and pleasant beaches, so we recommend it to families who enjoy rocky beaches. Savudrija hosts traditional manifestations such as the St. Mary Magdalene festivity in Zambratija ( end of July) and Savudrian nights ( in August). You can savor diverse Istrian delicacies in restaurants “Adria!, “feral”, “Moj Mir”, “Sveti Andrej” and tavern “Alber”. While you are staying in Savudrija be sure to visit Umago , Poreč and Rovinj.

To See in and around Umago
Umago - the old townOld town of Umago
Due to Umago ’s stormy history the buildings from the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages were completely destroyed. The present historical core has inherited the urban structure of the Middle Ages. There are numerous reminders of that era: wall remains, Venetian villas and above all, picturesque narrow streets. The one that is best preserved is also the oldest one – the west tower now housing the Museum of Umago , keeper of a valuable collection of archaeological artefacts found on the site of the town of Umago . Church of St. Peregrine
Not far from Umago , on the Rosazzo promontory there is a small, very old Church of St. Peregrine. It was built by the inhabitants of Umago to mark the spot where, during the Diocletian era.

Lighthouse in Savudrija
The oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic Coast built in 1818, 36 m high with the light visible from the distance of 32 kilometres. The construction of the lighthouse is connected with a love story of Count Metternich, who although married, fell in love with a local girl and had the lighthouse built to her honour.

Sipar Promontory
Between Savudrija and Umago during low tides a small 200 m long and 50 m wide promontory and a pile of stones rise from the sea: These are the only remains of the ancient Castle of Sipar from the 5th century. The town of Siparis existed here during the Roman era, a proof of this being the foundations of villas and houses, mosaics, marble, ceramic, urns and coins found in this location, all dating from the era of Constantine and Valerius. Sipar was totally plundered and destroyed in 876 by the Neretvian pirates led by the Ban Domagoj and never regained its previous significance.

Villa Tiola
A real paradise for divers! This luxury villa had its own Roman spa, water cistern, huge dwelling quarters lavishly decorated with mosaics on the floor and frescos on the walls. The remains of a pier measuring 30 metres in length and 6 metres wide are located in the sea near the villa, while the remains of an enormous construction can also be recognized, most likely a pool of another Roman villa.

Arena in Pula
The Arena in Pula, the Roman amphitheatre is located in the centre of Pula. It was built in 1st century BC and took its present form in 1st century when it could seat about 20,000 spectators. It served for gladiator fights that took place in it until 5th century.

Brijuni Islands - National Park
The Cretaceous Park with fossilized dinosaur footprints, Byzantine castrum and the remains of Roman villas, archaeological and natural-science collection, the exhibition “Josip Broz Tito on Brijuni”, the Mausoleum of Kupelwieser family are only some of the sights you should not miss. And while walking along the islands you will be accompanied by numerous tame bird species, deer, mouflons and other big game.

Euphrasian Basilica – part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
In the town of Poreč, near Umago , there is one of the most beautiful early Byzantine churches in Europe called Euphrasian Basilica after the bishop of Poreč who had this marvellous three-nave church built over the site of an older church. Of special interest are the impressive mosaics over the apse of precious stones and mother-of-pearl.

Motovun walls
The walls surrounding the small medieval hilltop town of Motovun present an invaluable cultural and historical heritage of Istria. The very well preserved old town core is surrounded by impressive defence walls.

Hum – the smallest town in the world
According to the Guinness Book of Records, with its 23 inhabitants, Hum is the smallest town in the world. It is situated in the central part of Istria and famous for the Alley of the Glagolitic priests – a unique memorial to the old Croatian Glagolitic script.

Lim Channel
It is a geo-morphological phenomenon with overgrown canyon cliffs rising up to 150 m above sea level. With its narrow, 11 km long inlet it represents one of the most beautiful landscapes in Istria.

Nature Park Učka
The Učka mountain and its highest peak Vojak at 1401 m offering breathtaking 360° panoramic view over the Istrian peninsula, north Adriatic islands, Gorski Kotar mountains, Venice, Italian Alps...

The Tourist Office in Umago is at Trgovacka 6, tel: 052 741 363, fax: 052 741 157, email:


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