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Trieste Ferries
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More About Trieste

Trieste is located on the Adriatic Sea, to the north coast in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The city has a long maritime past too and has been an international post since its foundation in 1719.

Trieste stands at head of ‘Gulf of Trieste’ on Adriatic Sea. All through its history, Trieste has been quite influential in terms of its ‘geographic position’ at crossroads pertaining to Latin, Germanic, and ‘Slavic’ culture. It’s capital of autonomous area ‘Friuli-Venezia Giulia’ as well as ‘Trieste Province’.

From the year 1382, Trieste went on to flourish as a portion of Austria. In the year 1918, it became one amongst some seaports within the region called ‘Great Powers’ of Europe. However, after the First World War, its cultural and economic importance started declining.

Local transport has been operated by ‘Trieste Trasporti’ that goes on to operate a network consisting of sixty bus routes, apart from 2 boat services that are operated by Anek Lines and Ustica Lines.

Trieste Ferry Port
Ustica Lines offers crossings to Pula in Croatia. This route might change frequently throughout the season, so passengers are recommended to refer to up-to-date information about operated routes which can be found on the company's official website:

Anek Lines provides a route between Trieste and Igoumenitsa in Greece. The duration of the voyage lasts about 24 hours. This route is not always available and departure times might change throughout the seasons. For accurate information on routes and schedules it is best to refer to the ferry company's websites where the latest details are available.

Many tourists prefer to fly into Venice and then take the train or bus to Trieste. However, there is an airport, Ronchi dei Legionari, which is much closer to the city. Daily flights from Rome, Milan, Munich and a few other airports in Europe land here. Taxis and shuttle buses commute from the airport to Trieste. There are trains linking Trieste to both domestic and international destinations, but passengers from Europe will have to change trains at Milan, Rome, Venice or Udine. Eurorails provides train services from many parts of Europe into Italy. The main motorways to Trieste are the A4 from Torina and the A23 from Palamanova. There are bus services from Europe into Italy but passengers will have to connect to local bus services or take a train to arrive at Trieste.

What to see in Trieste

There are many old buildings, castles, museums and other sites to visit at Trieste that it would be impossible to see them all in a day. The Foiba di Basovizza is a beautiful monument to those killed by Slav communists and visiting this site can be very touching. Nature lovers will fall in love with Parco do Vill Roltella, a pretty park on the outskirts of Trieste. The Arco di Riccardo, the old city gates still stand at the Piazza del Barbacan and the remains of the Basilica-civile romana are interesting historical sites to visit. It is very pleasant to visit the Piazza Unita-dItalia as it is the biggest piazza in Europe and offers views of the sea. The roman ruins of the amphitheatre, Teatro romano, are open for public viewing and are quite an interesting site to visit to get a feel for the history of Trieste. La-Lanterna is unique as it is Europes only bathing establishment that offers a womens section. The Castello dir Miramare and the Castello di San Giusto are definitely worth a visit. The former offers stunning views of the surrounding areas and overlooks the sea. Castello dir Miramare is an old medieval castle.

Trieste day trips

Muggia is an old seaside town that is only a short drive away from Trieste. The town is beautiful with a picturesque harbour, buildings and meandering streets which are full of life and vitality. Although it is only a short distance away from Trieste the atmosphere of the town is quite different. This is partly due to the vow of loyalty that it made with Venice in the 13th century. Not far away lies the Romanesque basilica of Santa Maria Assunta.

Activities and leisure in Trieste

One of the favoured activities for tourists is hanging out at the spectacular local beaches here. There are also nude beaches along Triestes coast and these include the Cava Casali, Costa dei Barbari, Libuana Beach and Filtri Beach. Swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling and sunbathing are among some of the activities available at the beach. Sailing and scuba diving can be arranged by many tour operators. For land lovers Triestes topography is perfect for hiking, mountain biking or walking. These activities can be done with or without guides.

Castle of Miramare

This castle had been constructed from 1856 to 1860 through one of the projects by ‘Carl Junker’ working under ‘Archduke Maximilian’.

Gardens surrounding the castle make provisions for having set an outstanding beauty; that too, with a wide spectrum of trees; which had been chosen and planted upon Maxmilian’s orders, which make an amazing collection altogether.

Features with regards to specific attractions in gardens are inclusive of 2 ponds, one of them has been noted for swans; whereas the other is noted for ‘lotus flowers’, a petite chapel where a cross is kept which consists of remains of ‘Novara’; i.e. flagship upon which Maxmilian, sibling of Franz Josef, an Emperor went on to set sail for becoming Mexico’s Emperor. This castle had served as HQ for TRUST force of United States Army. As such, the above-mentioned castle is amongst the most important monuments in Italy.


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