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More About Sakaiminato

Sakaiminato City, located at the tip of Yumigahama Peninsula, is the city whose area is about 28 square kilometers.

Since early days, Sakaiminato has grown with its fine natural port, to which the opposite Shimane Peninsula has been a protection against rough waves of Japan Sea and the monsoons.

Sakaiminato has been, since early days, prosperous with overseas trade with the countries on the other side across the sea.

The city is complete with infrastructures such as harbor, airport and railroad. As a key trade point in the era of Japan Sea Rim and a Japan's major fishery base well known for its landing of large quantity of fish, Sakaiminato is on its way to become a city of international fishery and trade.

When looked at from countries on the opposite shores, Sakaiminato City is situated almost in the middle of West Japan.

Sakaiminato Ferry Port
Sakaiminato Activities and Events

Sakai Daiba Park and Sakaiminato Light House
Daiba Park is the old gunnery site which was built in 1863 by the Tottori Clan. Japan was on the national isolation at that time, and the gunnery site was built for the defense against foreign ships. The San-in's oldest wooden light house, which was built in 1905, had looked over the busy traffic of ships. And it was restored by Sakaiminato City in 1991 for the symbol of history and prosperity of the city. The Park was designated in 1988 as a national historical site and it has also became famous as the flower park that has 350 cherry trees.

Sea and Life Museum
"The Waterless Aquarium" which was built after reforming an old sake brewery house is known as Japan's No.1 for its number of stuffed fishes and crabs. Along with orientation and display of the technique and equipment of fishing, the Museum exhibits the cultural inheritances which were used in life of people. Visitors can learn how agricultural and other general tools related to folks in old days.

Cradle of Railroad in Sanin
Sakaiminato is the cradle in Sanin for the railroad which made helped connect the sea transport with the land transport, and developed a network of the transportation. The ceremony and event took place in 2002, for the centennial commemoration of the railroad.

Yumihama Gasuri
Sakaiminato area has been a producing area for good quality cotton since early days. The cotton is spun into thread, then it is space-dyed in indigo blue and is woven to make Kasuri fablic. Having 300 years in its history, Kasuri is designated as a traditional craft which is very rare in Japan. The beautifully woven patterns come out from the combined effort of wisdom and technique of weaver who can foresee the patern on finished product at the phase of space-dyeing. The natural touch and indigo blue of the Kasuri fabric very much attract the minds of people.

Votive Pictures of "Dragnet", "Hell and Paradise"
The votive picture in size of 76cm x 107cm of "Dragnet," displayed at the Shofukuji Temple, vividly shows a fishing method by way of using dragnet that local fishermen exercised in the middle of 19th century. Sardines being so abundant in those days, a legend has it that 100 dragnets were used all at one time for each fishing. It has been said that the picture of "Hell and Paradise" inspired Mr.Shigeru Mizuki to become interested in Yokai.

Port Festival
The Port Festival, which takes place late in July, has various events over two days, starting with the praying rituals for success of the fishery, safety of the sea traffic and prosperity of the port. The Festival closes with fire works, dancing parade and various other programs. Specially, the Sea Parade is a very gallant event, for more than 100 fishing ships, each decorated with flags of “good catch of fish,” run through the Sakai Channel.

Marine Products Festival
The festival, which takes place at the Fish Market and its vicinities as the main site, is held in the middle of October. Visitors can directly feel the energy of Sakaiminato through seeing fresh fish and processed seafoods on sale, tasting crab soup and watching the performance of traditional entertainments. The festival starts getting busy with visitors from early in the morning. They can buy fine products being sold at prices lower than regular prices.

Marine Sports
Using the Sakaiminato Public Marina as a base, yacht sailing and other aquatic sports are very active.

Beach Volleyball
National Beach Volleyball tournaments are played on the beautiful beach which is surrounded by white sands and green pine trees. The beach is designated as one of the official selections of Japan's best 100 beaches.

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