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More About Riga

Riga is experiencing a new Renaissance as the capital of Latvia, and many large-scale restoration projects on old buildings have made Riga one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

Most famously, Riga is home to the largest concentration of Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) architecture in the world. Riga has become an increasingly popular destination for Europeans drawn by its old town, its historical importance, and its reputation as having the best nightlife in Europe.

Rīga has always been the big boy of the Baltics - a metropolis with a big-city atmosphere hard to find elsewhere in the region. Funky and vibrant, it pulsates with a magnetism that traps travellers long after their planned departure date.

Riga Ferry Terminal

Riga has many neighbourhoods but the main ones that visitors will be passing through would be as follows.

  • Old Riga - The main tourist area and historic center of Riga. This is where the city of Riga began. You will find great museums, lovely little streets and its also where the overpriced cafes, bars and souvenir shops squeeze money from tourists!
  • The Central District - The living heart of Riga, great little shops, architecture, bars, cafes and a sense of a real city. People work, live and shop here as well as socialize It is a great space to meet locals.
  • The Quiet Center - If you like Art Nouveau this is where you need to be, you will even find an Art Nouveau museum here. Great streets full of beautiful buildings, lovely cafes and an up market air fill this district.
  • The Moscow District - Home to the Jewish ghetto during the Nazi occupation and one of the best collections of wooden houses in Europe. It has a charm like stepping back 50 years but many locals will tell you to be careful around here.
  • Kipsala and the Left bank - If you have time you should cross the river, visit the island of Kipsala, the old fisherman district. Today its home to some of the more wealthy of Riga's high society.
Riga Sights and Activities

With lavish beauty, timeless elegance and a restless fusion of old and new, Rīga has a charm as potent as the Rīga Black Balsams liquor it's known for.

Cats Hostel
Ok, the Cats Hostel is not your standard hostel and unless you are smaller than the smallest person on Earth, you won't fit in either. But it's there and it's sort of famous...at least in Riga. If you are lucky you will actually see cats in or near the hostel, which is located near the Riga Old Town Hostel and Backpackers Pub, in between the Old Town and the train- and busstation. And although you can not stay there, it sure makes for a great photo to show at home!

Freedom Monument
The Freedom Monument was built in Riga to praise the soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence from 1918 to 1920. It replaced a statute of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. Originally unveiled in 1935 this 42-metre (138 feet) high monument has inspired countless Latvians. When the Soviet Union annexed Latvia after World War II the Soviets planned to demolish the statute but never did it. It remained a symbol for independence throughout the communist period, and in 1987 Latvians gathered around the monument to grieve the horrible things the soviets had done. This started the independence movement, which led to independence 3 years later. The Freedom Monument is now popular tourist spot in Latvia.

Old Town
Riga's Old Town is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and not without reason. It is a great place to walk around, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful architecture and squares. There are quite a few of them, including Livu Laukums (laukums = square), Doma Laukums, Ratslaukums and Pils Laukums. There are many church spires, cathedrals and other architectural wonders. Some of them include the Saint Peter's Church is a very tall church that was originally built in 1209. The view from the top of the tower gives excellent views of all of Riga. Other highlights throughout the old town include the Blackheads House, the Town Hall, Cathouse, Riga Castle, Jacob's Barracks, the Great and Small Guild and of course the Swedish Gate.

Latvian National Museum of Art
With over 52,000 pieces of art from the mid 18th century to the present this museum is an excellent place to visit. Address: 10a K Valdemara Street, Hours: everyday, except Tuesday, 11:00am to 7:00pm during the summer (April to September), and 11:00am to 5:00pm during the winter (October to March).

The Festival of Light
The Festival of Light ("Staro Riga") is held for 5 days in November to honour the Latvian anniversary. One of the darkest times of the year, light symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness.

Fewer than half of Rīgans are ethnic Latvians (41.2% at last count), with Russians accounting for 43.7% of the population. Despite Latvians being a minority in their own capital, ethnic harmony prevails in the city, with street- and shop-talk a natural blend of Russian and Latvian.


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