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Nisyros Ferries
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More About Nisyros

Nisyros is one of the Dodecanese islands locared between Kos and Tilos.

Nestling among the hills in the northwest of the island lies the main town and port of Nissyros, Mandraki.

The town of Mandraki is where the majority of the population lives and is a busy little town, with whitewashed houses, as well as quite a few traditional nataural stone houses. The centre of the town boasts a charming square where locals and tourists sit in the evenings to enjoy the culinary delights in the many tavernas. Travelling east from Mandraki are the spa springs of Loutra which still operate today.

Apart from Mandraki, the rest of the tiny population of Nissyros tend to live in the quaint fishing village of Palli. The residents of the island frequently organize trips and events for young people, the elderly and visitors to the island.

Nisyros Ferries

Nissyros is not known for its buzzing nightlife but picturesque taverns, traditional coffee shops and bars do exist and create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. Nissyros is ideal for purchasing traditional products such as the local drink Soumada made from almonds, honey , preserved baby tomatoes and capers. Hand-made embroidery is also to be found. There are Ferry connections from Rhodes and Kos if you coming from Athens.

Recommended Sights

Castles, monasteries, churches, villages of unique architecture, cobblestone squares, traditions and customs - all being a testimony to thousands of year of history and inviting you to explore it. The alleys, most of them stone paved, lead you to a close encounter with nature and history. Sailing around Nisyros and paying a visit to nearby islands is a memorable experience - a must when exploring the island. Its mild climate makes it suitable for tourist all year round.

MANDRAKI: The largest village where you will see the harbor, the Popular Art museum, the Archaeological museum, the Palaeokastron (Old Castle) (6th - 4th century B.C.), the Venetian Castle with the church of Panagia Spelianie (Virgin Mary of the Cave) (14th century A.D. - holiday from 6 to 15 August), the Municipal Hot Springs, the cobblestone squares of the Demarcheion (City Hall) and Potamos (River) and the Chochlakoi beach for swimming and enjoying an unequalled sunset.

PALOI: A picturesque fishing village, the port-town of Emporeio, where there are mooring facilities. There you will find the Hippocratic Baths, Panagia (Virgin Mary) ,Thermiane and the "Pacheia Ammos" (Thick Sand) and Lyes beaches, which are perfect for swimming and enjoying ouzo and snacks.

EMPOREIO: A mountainous traditional village featuring the Castle of Pantoniki, the church of Taxiarches, and the Natural Sauna. From the "balcony of Emporeio", you can enjoy the spectacular view to the Volcano and Prophet Elijah, while drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of ouzo, and pleasing your palate with traditional dishes.

NIKEIA: A mountainous village of traditional architecture and a panoramic view to the Volcano. Here you will see Porta (Door), a famous cobblestone square, the Church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary, the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian (holiday held on 26 September) and the Monastery of Virgin Mary, Our Lady (17th century; holiday on 23 August).

LAKKI: The valley of Hephaestus, an actual open-air geological museum, where you can visit Stefanos, Polyvotis and other craters. To explore the area and enjoy this unique phenomenon, you will need special equipment

In the village of Mandraki is located the Knights Castle in which you may find the monastery of Panaghia Spiliani (Holy Virgin of the Caves) dating back from the year circa 1400.

Starting from the classical antiquity period the acropolis of the ancient town of Mandraki, Palaiokastro, is maintained in a perfect condition. The overall length of the fortress is quite large. The wall and the cliff set the border of a surface of circa 130.000 m2 in total with an overall perimeter of circa 2 kilometres whereas the weight of several stones composing the wall can reach the 3,5 tons.

In the village of Paloi you may find the Ancient Roman Baths in which the small church of Panaghia Thermiani (Holy Virgin of the Thermal Springs) is located as well.

The beachside, cliffy in its majority, is interrupted by the coasts, not numerous but i dyllic that you may find around the island such as: Lefki Paralia (white beach), the beach of the village Paloi, the beach of Pachia Ammos (thick sand), the beach of the village Lies and the only beach of the village Chochlakoi which was named after its big black lave pebbles. Beautiful beaches are also found in the nearby islet called Gyali.


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