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More About Donghae

Donghae is a coastal city in Gangwon, South Korea.

The Port of Donghae is located on South Korea’s east central shores on the Sea of Japan in Gangwon Province. The Port of Donghae lies in mountainous terrain and is rich in natural resources, including some wonderful beaches. The Port of Donghae is a free industry zone and has seen much investment in the past years.

There are two ports in the province, and Mukho Harbor is about six kilometers north-northeast of the Port of Donghae. Much of the traffic that used to go to Mukho now goes to the Port of Donghae, and Mukho is primarily a fishing port.

Donghae serves as the main access point to Ulleungdo, with regular ferry service throughout the year (usually once or twice a day in each direction, more frequent in the summer.) Donghae also serves as the Korean stop in the ferry service between Vladivostok, Russia and Sakaiminato, Japan. Ferries leave from Mukho Port, a 5 minute drive north of downtown Donghae.

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Donghae Cruising and Travel

The City of Donghae is a new city with ambition to become an international tourist destination. Located in a mountainous area with many caves and glorious natural scenery, the Port of Donghae certainly has the cultural assets to make a great place to visit.

Just over 100 kilometers northwest of the Port of Donghae is Mt. Kumgang, famous for its scenic beauty. This mountain is a series of granite pinnacles towering over deep narrow canyons and sheltering several beautiful waterfalls and rapids. In the northern Taebaek Mountains, it covers 400 square kilometers and is 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide. At 1638 meters (Piro Peak) and covering 25 thousand hectares, the mountain is a favorite destination for Koreans. The mountain supports 750 species of plants as well as 38 mammal species, 130 species of birds, 9 reptile species, 10 species of frogs and toads, and 24 species of fish. Mount Kumgang has three areas with different topographic features.

The Port of Donghae’s Mangsang Beach is the most popular beach on South Korea’s east coast. With clean shallow water and beautiful white sands, the beach is surrounded by pine forest. Visitors will find hotels and modern facilities at the beach. The Mangsang Auto Camping Resort is dedicated to automobiles and for people who enjoy camping. Fully-equipped with cabins, tents, and visitor amenities, the auto camp offers a pleasant alternative to hotel living.

Located in the western Port of Donghae, it is said that fairies once strolled in the Mureung Valley, one of Korea’s most popular tourist destinations. Shrouded in mystery, it offers rocks with unusual shapes and waterfall views that take the breath away. This place of legend is a must-see.

Cheongok Cave is in the middle of the Port of Donghae. Discovered when they were laying the foundations for a new city hall, this natural limestone cave has been producing rare stones for 400-500 million years. It is accompanied by a cave museum that offers basic scientific about the cave.

The Bukpyeong Market first opened in 1796, and it may be even older than that. This national folk market offers a strong taste of the local culture and the people of the Port of Donghae. The market continues to grow in size and popularity while other markets in South Korea shrink from competition with the modern world.

Donghae Port History

The Port of Donghae’s Mukho Port first opened in 1941 as the city’s main port. Since the Port of Donghae opened, Mukho Port has settled into a comfortable existence as a fishing port and harbor. Surrounded by black rocks, the area contains wonderful sushi restaurants, fish stores, and many marine-related businesses.

Historic records document the presence of a town on the site of the modern Port of Donghae as early as the 17th Century. However, the city did not mature until the 20th Century.

In 1979, the Port of Bukpyeong Harbor opened for business. The law establishing Donghae City was passed in 1980, and it incorporated nearby Mukho town. In 1981, the Port of Donghae established a sister-city relationship with Tsuruga, Japan. In 1986, the old Bukpyeong Harbor was renamed Donghae Harbor.

In 1991, the Donghae Municipal Assembly was opened, and the mayor, elected by popular vote, was took office in 1995. In 1996, the third Conference on expansion of the East Sea Region was held in the Port of Donghae, with 12 cities from four countries attending.

In 2001, the Donghae City Facility Management Corporation was established. The 44th Korea Folk Art Festival, with 20 provinces and cities participating, was opened in the Port of Donghae in 2003. In 2004, the Donghae Whale Fossil Museum was opened.

In 2005, the Port of Donghae’s Bukpyong Industrial Complex was designated as a free economic zone.


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